My Short Thoughts of the Statement: A leader is born, not made.

 A leader is born, not made. I’ve been thinking about this. What’s your opinion? Do you think you can just become a leader or be born the perfect leader or is it hard work?

          I disagree with this statement. I think you have to make yourself a leader or create a leader. You can’t just become a leader because you want to. You have to work for it.


Deep End By Jeff Kinney Review

Deep End ​is a Book in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. These books are written by Jeff Kinney. The main conflict is that Greg’s family is living in their grandma’s basement. They need a vacation. Will they find one

One of the main characters Greg’s dad says they should go camping with an RV. They thought​ it would be fun. Greg does not want to do this; he knows it’s a bad idea.

Deep End ​is a book with very high action but has a slow start. There are all sorts of conflicts along the way. This book is about the choices the characters make and their bad luck. Greg is usually scared,worried, or happy. These are great things to have in a book because it provides enjoyment and interest. it was in my top 5 for sure.

Readers who enjoy lots of humor and action. If you have read New Kid you may like this book.


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